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Meet your new home
weather station

Get precise information about weather and environmental conditions at your house. Use the data to save time & money, increase safety, and improve home health. WeatherFlow brings decades of experience designing and maintaining professional weather stations to the home user with our revolutionary line of Smart Weather Stations.

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WeatherFlow AIR

Protect your family when AIR detects lightning & warns you of approaching storms. AIR also measures temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Long range wireless connectivity. Extremely long battery life.

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WeatherFlow SKY

Encased in SKY’s eye-catching design, our revolutionary sensors detect rain drops in an instant, give accurate real-time wind speed & direction, and measure sunlight (including UV Index) - all with no moving parts to wear out or fail. Long range wireless connectivity. Extremely long battery life.

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Know your home environment
- from anywhere

View weather conditions in your backyard with our free iOS and Android apps. You can also view data on your personal weather page at, or choose to share and view your data on services like WeatherUnderground and WindAlert.

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Smarthome Ready


AIR and SKY connect via long range telemetry to an indoor receiving hub. The hub then publishes data to the cloud via your home WiFi network and/or locally to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth Low Energy.


Measurement Range Accuracy Interval
Air Temperature -30° to 140°F ± 0.7°F 1 min
Relative Humidity 0 to 100% ± 4% 1 min
Atmospheric Pressure up to 1100 mbar ± 1 mbar ; station and sea-level 1 min
Lightning activity 0 to 40 km (25 miles) upto 40% of strikes at 5km Instantly
Wireless 100m (300ft++) sub-Ghz telemetry
Battery : 4 AA recommend primary lithium
Mount Keyhole or 1/4-20 thread
  1. Air Temperature (Dry Bulb Temperature)
  2. Wet Bulb Temperature
  3. Delta-T
  4. Station pressure
  5. Sea-level pressure
  6. Humidity
  7. Dew Point
  8. Wind Chill
  9. Heat Index
  10. Feels Like
  11. Air Density
  12. Lightning last strike time
  13. Lightning last strike distance
  14. Lightning strike count last 3 hours


Measurement Range Accuracy Interval
Wind Speed 0 to 100 mph ± 0.5 mph continuous sampling
Wind Direction 0-359° ± 5° continuous sampling
Ambient Light 1 to 128 kLUX ± 100 mLUX 1 min
UV Index 0 to 11+ index 1 min
Solar Irradiance 0 to 1900 W/m2 ± 5% 1 min
Rain Intensity Light to Torrential ± 0.2mm / hr Instantly
Rain Accumulation 1hr and 24hr ± 0.2mm / hr 1 min
Wireless 100m (300ft++) sub-Ghz telemetry
Battery: 8 AA recommend primary lithium
Mount Adjustable pole mount
  1. Wind Speed (Average)
  2. Wind Speed (Lull)
  3. Wind Speed (Gust)
  4. Wind Direction
  5. Rain intensity
  6. Rain past hour
  7. Rain past 24 hours
  8. UV Index
  9. Brightness
  10. Solar irradiation

WeatherFlow BREATHE...
(future release)

WeatherFlow BREATHE ensures your health and safety by constantly monitoring the air quality in your home.

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