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Tempest Weather System

Centered around the Tempest Home Weather Station and the powerful Tempest app with a guaranteed better forecast, the Tempest Weather System is the ultimate tool for managing your smart home, garden and all of your weather-driven decisions.

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TempestOne: Weather for Professionals

TempestOne is a platform solution that empowers your organization with decision tools informed by accurate weather observations and forecasts.  Leverage the massive curated data set generated by the Tempest Network and our exclusive AI-powered Nearcast™ Technology.  The result is a premium product suite with unparalleled accuracy in situational awareness and short-term forecasting designed to help any size organization.  Our solutions guarantee you and your customers save water, energy and money.

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Nearcast Technology

Patented technology providing accurate point-specific weather data everywhere you need it.

Get to know our Nearcast™ technology — patented technology designed so you understand the weather that happened yesterday, observe what is happening now, and better predict what the future will bring, all with guaranteed accuracy.

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Tempest Weather System
Weather Science Kit
Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

See what people are saying about Tempest!

Andrew – Verified Owner

July 2019

“WOW!!! That’s what I call great customer support and standing behind your product.”

TechHive Review

June 2020

“This system is ridiculously easy to set up, it delivers all the weather information an amateur meteorologist could wish for, and it’s supremely accurate to boot.”

Nels – Verified Owner

WF Community, June 2019

“I meant to also give a shout out to the amazing WeatherFlow team. They said they would deliver us a great product and they did.”

Brad – Verified Owner

May 2020

“Temperatures have been spot on, wind readings are responsive and accurate. The lighting detection is unbelievable – you can track storms heading in and leaving with just this feature alone. Highly recommend the new Tempest.”

Dan – Verified Owner

May 2020

“Set up was a breeze. My Tempest was up and running in less than 10 minutes, and that included an email exchange with their support team to help me troubleshoot an issue that turned out to be operator error!”

Don – Verified Owner

June 2019

“As an old engineer, I really appreciate the thought and care that you’ve put into your product.”

Victor – Verified Owner

May 2020

“It’s amazing how it tracks and charts rain intensity, accumulation, lightning activity and wind speed/direction, along with many other parameters. It’s truly an incredible PWS!”


Feb 2019

“This system is truly revolutionary. We highly recommend it to anyone who needs or wants a weather station! Well worth the investment!”


July 2019

“Flat out awesome technology and the best weather station I have ever had!”

Eric – Verified Owner

May 2020

“To have this much power in one self sufficient unit is a dream come true. Plus, the neighbors all love the way it looks on the fence.”


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