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Tempest Weather System

Centered around the Tempest Home Weather Station and the powerful Tempest app with a guaranteed better forecast, the Tempest Weather System is the ultimate tool for managing your smart home, garden and all of your weather-driven decisions.

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TempestOne: Weather for Professionals

TempestOne is a platform solution that empowers your organization with decision tools informed by accurate weather observations and forecasts.  Leverage the massive curated data set generated by the Tempest Network and our exclusive AI-powered Nearcast™ Technology.  The result is a premium product suite with unparalleled accuracy in situational awareness and short-term forecasting designed to help any size organization.  Our solutions guarantee you and your customers save water, energy and money.

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Nearcast Technology

Patented technology providing accurate point-specific weather data everywhere you need it.

Get to know our Nearcast™ technology — patented technology designed so you understand the weather that happened yesterday, observe what is happening now, and better predict what the future will bring, all with guaranteed accuracy.

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Tempest Weather System
Weather Safety & Science Kit
Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

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See also our affiliate company WFn Holdings Inc aka which owns and operates the largest industrial grade private weather observing network in the world, and supplies us with exclusive data. WFn also directly serves specialized weather data users such as NOAA and the Hurricane Insurance Industry.