About Us

WeatherFlow-Tempest Inc. is a technology company leading the way in the private sector weather industry. Our mission is to help mitigate and control the enormous cost of weather on business and daily life.

Our exclusive crowdsourced data and AI-driven modeling delivers accurate, actionable weather information, resulting in better decision making and huge cost savings for our customers. In an increasingly data-driven world impacted by more severe weather due to climate change, the demand for our services is growing rapidly.

We strive to leave the planet in a better place, which is why we provide our data pro bono to national met agencies and climate scientists around the globe. We are committed to helping those groups with their core missions of saving lives and using science to plan responsibly for future generations.

WeatherFlow-Tempest was formed in 2019 and has experienced explosive growth already, with an array of technology and services designed to scale globally. We hit the ground running thanks to the expertise of our leadership team, many of whom began creating weather observing networks and providing high resolution weather forecasts in the early 90’s.

With our patented Nearcast Technology and proprietary observing data from our Tempest Network at the heart of the company, WeatherFlow provides multiple innovative value-added products and services. We fill specific needs in many sectors, including energy, insurance, property management, emergency management, maritime operations, coastal recreation, Smart Home technology, gardening & landscaping, education, and more.

Team members work out of offices in eight states, with highly trained and seasoned professionals in design and engineering, operational and applied meteorology, atmospheric modeling, data handling, web development, customer service, and business development functions.

Office locations include:
  • Corporate Headquarters – 108 Whispering Pines Dr. Suite 245, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
  • Professional Weather Stations – 422 Sugar Rd., Bolton, MA 01740
  • Smart Weather Stations – 1 Aerospace Blvd., MicaPlex Suite 220-J, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
  • Atmospheric Modeling Services – 320 East Vine Dr. Suite 305, Fort Collins, CO 80524
  • Atmospheric Science Services – 146 Bernard Rd. Fort Monroe, VA 23651
  • Operational Meteorology Services – Remote offices in Oklahoma, Washington, and Michigan

WeatherFlow’s Florida office

WeatherFlow’s Colorado office