Since 2002, iKitesurf has become the world’s most respected and popular weather authority for Kiteboarding. Featuring realtime wind observations from over 50,000 key locations around the world plus exclusive forecasting technology, iKitesurf is a daily visit for serious kiters. WeatherFlow technology and staff of professional meteorologists have powered iKitesurf since the beginning.

Features include:

  • Dynamic global mapping system
  • Over 500 exclusive weather stations.
  • iKitesurf.com and iK mobile app.
  • Customized alerts
  • Forums, Classifieds, Videos, Cams, and more.
  • Premium human forecasts  multiple times daily

iKitesurf.com is a great example of what WeatherFlow can do for a target niche audience – satisfying its client’s weather needs and more.

Checkout iKitesurf now.