Benjamin Miller

Benjamin Miller joined WeatherFlow in the spring of 2007. Throughout his tenure with WeatherFlow, his roles have been many and diverse. For several years, Ben has headed up the product support division. He now chairs the team of meteorologists and engineers that work to expand WeatherFlow’s Coastal Mesonet and he thoroughly enjoys doing instrumentation field work. His WeatherFlow field work has sent him to every coastal state in the Unites States as well as to portions of Canada, Mexico (as seen below), and the Caribbean. Yet, throughout all of this time at WeatherFlow, he has always been a dedicated member of the forecasting division, which he now oversees.

As a Michigan native, Ben was raised around the Great Lakes. He went to the University of Michigan and graduated with a B.S. in Atmospheric Science. Upon graduation, Ben worked for a few years as an operational meteorologist for a firm that provided weather forecasts for the energy sector.

When not working, Ben and his wife travel abroad. Yet, having grown up sailing Hobie catamarans on inland lakes and on Lake Michigan, his favorite go-to destination is northern MI where he enjoys sailing and stand-up paddleboarding and generally just being on the open water.