NearCast Technology

Patented technology that puts actionable weather information at your fingertips, where and when you need it. Clearly understand what happened yesterday, observe what is happening now, and accurately predict what is going to happen in the future - all with guaranteed accuracy.

Step One: Curate massive amounts of data

We source information on the current state of the atmosphere from all conceivable sources, including satellites, radars, government networks, models, and other valuable sources. This includes proprietary data, most notably from our Tempest Network, a crowdsourced data set based on patented powerful hardware. The Tempest Network has grown to 27,000 systems over the past year, on its way to becoming the largest weather observing network on the planet. These data are curated, aided by comprehensive quality control, for use in our analysis, forecasting and decision making tools.

Step Two: Apply powerful data science

We apply machine learned behavior to our powerful AI-based forecast models to produce more accurate forecasts that are informed by our proprietary observations. Current conditions and historical data from WeatherFlow-Tempest’s own observational locations are combined with the best available computer forecasts to train the AI models. Continual verification monitors and tunes the AI models to further enhance forecast accuracy.

Step Three: Deliver actionable information

Validated data is delivered via powerful mobile applications, SaaS tools and our API to enable customers to plan for the enormous impact of weather. Better data means better decisions and we provide the best data and decision tools anywhere. Whether you’re trying to decide when to cover your plants, preparing for a drop in wind power, or moving an aircraft carrier. We can help, and customers will achieve a clear measurable return on their investment in our service.

Nearcast Technology: The Future of Forecasting

Extreme weather events across the globe have renewed focus on climate change and highlighted the need for more data and research to forecast how it will play out, particularly on a local level. "There is a great and growing need for local weather data to help inform forecasts, determine impacts, and control costs, and that's what we're providing," said WeatherFlow-Tempest's Chief Scientist, Dr. Marty Bell.

For example, a single Tempest provides quality-controlled data, which is used to train and provide the initial state of our numerical and AI-based forecast models, resulting in a more accurate forecast. This can help save energy in your home, while also helping utility grid managers in your region allocate energy more efficiently. The more Tempest systems in a neighborhood or region, the more impact the data can have and the more we are able to help.

“WeatherFlow-Tempest has pioneered a new approach to weather observing and forecasting that benefits all of our customers and partners,” Dr. Bell explained. “We have data and tools that no one else has, enabling us to deliver more accurate and actionable weather information. From individual Tempest owners and app subscribers to our professional clients, every single customer is able to leverage better data to make better decisions.”