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Wintertime Preparation & Safety Tips

Winter can bring dangerously low temperatures and treacherous elements like snow, freezing rain, and ice. Together these seasonal changes can increase the risk of accident, injury, or even death if you are not prepared for the possibility of harsh winter conditions. Increased automobile accidents, chances of being stranded by hazardous conditions in your car or…

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Tempest News | February 2023

…with Dr. Jeff Copeland, Chief Scientist at WeatherFlow-Tempest. Jeff spoke to us from the WF-T Weather Lab in Fort Collins, Colorado, where his team of atmospheric and data scientists conducts forecast modeling to support the company’s suite of products and services.  Jeff relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications in his work and…

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Tempest News | January 2023

  Dating all the way back to 1901 in its creation, ham radio is used today by millions of people to communicate world-wide. To kick off 2023, we sat down with Tempest Ambassador and ham radio expert Eric Hofer (KJ4YZI). Eric is the figure behind hamradioconcepts, a popular YouTube channel that shares tips and insights…

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Tempest News | December 2022

  Aaron Tuttle has been passionate about the weather since he can remember. Growing from a storm-obsessed kid into a storm-chasing adult, Aaron turned his love of the weather into a successful career in TV meteorology before starting his own weather broadcasts and weather app, ATsWeatherToGo. We spoke with Aaron about his career, his most memorable…

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