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Progress on Wind Energy Mesonet

November 14, 2011. Buxton, North Carolina. WeatherFlow’s Wind Energy Mesonet (WEM) continues to expand in a steady manner, even as market conditions in the wind energy sector remain unsettled due to uncertainty about federal policy towards wind and other renewable energy sources. Even though the rate of new wind installations has slowed for now, the…

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New Features for WindAlert

October 24, 2011. New Smyrna Beach, Florida. This summer and fall continued a strong performance for WindAlert, WeatherFlow’s latest observation and forecast display application. Initially released in 2009, the web- and mobile-device application has gone through a number of upgrades, adding the capabilities most requested by the product’s users. One of the most important set…

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Caribbean Mesonet Continues Expansion

October 11, 2011. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. WeatherFlow continued to strengthen its presence in the Caribbean region, signing a contract extension with the Caribbean Coastal Oceanographic Observing System (CARICOOS), the regional component of NOAA’s Integrated Ocean Observing System. The contract provides for the continued operation of a 12 station mesonet that was installed by WeatherFlow in…

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