WindAlert was the first of WeatherFlow’s applications powered by WeatherFlow’s Weather Engine.  WindAlert offers a multitude of features in several platforms including Web, iPhone/iPad, and Android applications.    Each application offers a powerful free service level with additional premium content available for minimal membership fees in the Plus and Pro levels.

Features Include:

  • Global observations from over 50,000 stations.
  • Point Forecasts for any point on the globe.
  • Customized Alerts available for real time obs OR forecasted speeds sent to text, email, iphone, Android, etc.
  • Forecast maps including our exclusive WF-WRF model outputs.
  • Precision graphs, forecast tables, nearby tides, wind statistics, and archived data
  • Nautical Charts
  • Radar and satellite
  • Sea surface temperatures
  • Offsite “widgets” enabling anyone to place our content onto their web pages.

WindAlert applications are constantly being updated with new features.You can keep up with all the latest by subscribing to the WindAlert Newsletter.

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