TempestONE for Community Risk Reduction
Weather matters especially when tasked with public safety -- emergency management, fire, and law enforcement. We can help you efficiently deploy quality weather stations at key locations throughout your jurisdiction and enable access to ALL the existing weather data points already installed in your region. Starting at just $50 / month. Contact us today.

Deploy your own weather network

Add Tempests at key locations like fire stations, community gathering spots, and downtown areas at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. All data is actively qc’d and enhanced with our Nearcast Technology and made available immediately via apps and API. Get discount pricing on the purchase of Tempest Systems for Commercial Use, including annual Nearcast data services and forecasting.

View ALL available weather data in one place

With the TempestONE web app you can access all existing neighborhood-level weather data and forecasting in your region in addition to the Tempest Systems you deploy. It’s like buying 12 and getting access to 100’s of exclusive sites already in your area.

Improve daily decisions with API access to all data and forecasting

The TempestONE API enables access to all data and forecasting available via REST and Websockets endpoints. Your developers can leverage our API to integrate our critical weather data into your custom applications.

Contact us today for TempestONE access