Weather Observing Networks

Leverage our robust data set and unique weather network capabilities to arm your organization with better data in order to make better decisions.

All Available Public Domain Data

We start by collecting a massive set of data in the public domain from around the globe. This includes data from NOAA and the EDS service, as well as data from obscure sources that we have qualified over many years. Since creating weather networks is a core strength, we also know what to look for when gathering other useful data.

The Tempest Network

We designed the Tempest hardware and network infrastructure to support the largest weather and environmental data observing system on earth. This means hardware that is easy to set up and maintain a data collection and monitoring system that is unparalleled in its ability to scale. There are tens of thousands of Tempest systems online and growth is accelerating. All of this data fuels our Nearcast Technology.

Other Proprietary Network Data

WeatherFlow-Tempest also has access to other important proprietary data. Our affiliate company WF Networks created the largest industrial grade private weather network and we retain exclusive access to this data for most applications. In some cases our customers are best served with an expansion to this high-end network and we can facilitate that. For more information contact us. You can learn more about WF Networks at We also license other data critical to serving our customers. For example we became the first private company licensee for unique aircraft based data, a critical step to power our Nearcast Technology to optimally serve airline customers.

Hardware Roadmap

As we expand globally and demand for the core Tempest System builds, we are also adding hardware options, including a remote hub (with solar power and cellular communications) as well as additional sensor devices to measure things like hail, snow, soil moisture, heat stress, water temperature, and a few other things we can’t mention yet!

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