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Activities, Experiments & Resources

A companion to the Tempest Weather Science Kit, our team of meteorologists have helped craft each resource especially for budding weather enthusiasts! Each post teaches children about meteorology, physics,  biology, and more! New activities posted each month.

satelite image of a hurricane
Oaklin Keefe

Hurricanes 101

All Activities Hurricanes 101 Hurricane Development and Decay Hurricane season falls from June 1st to November 1st every year, and with August well underway, what
Steve Gregg

Hot Air Rises, Cold Air Sinks

All Activities Hot Air Rises, Cold Air Sinks Hot Air Rises, Cold Air Sinks If you live in a 2-story home, you may have noticed
Hank Pomeranz

Clouds 101

All Activities Clouds 101 Clouds 101 We humans love to look at the clouds and imagine seeing shapes of people, creatures of all kinds, and
Michele Redmon

Weather resources to bookmark!

Our team compiled a list of weather-related curriculum, activities, and entertainment. We will continue to add to this post, so keep checking back! Weather-Related Curriculum

Kerry Anderson

Cold Fronts 101

All Activities Cold Fronts 101 Recommended for ages 12+ We all know that the warmest time of the day is in the afternoon when the
Michele Redmon

10 Weird Weather Questions Answered

The world is full of strange and unusual weather events that bring many questions to mind. Can showering during a thunderstorm kill you if lightning

Chelsea Carlson

What Causes Tides?

All Activities What Causes Tides? What Causes Tides? Have you ever wondered why the ocean levels rise and fall each day? If you live near
Steve Gregg

What is Air Pressure?

All Activities What is Air Pressure? The air around us is made up of tiny molecules that are constantly moving around.  Air pressure is the
Riley Fenoglio

How do Rainbows Form?

All Activities How do Rainbows Form? Rainbows are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful (and bright) anomalies of the weather world. They take a perfect