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WeatherFlow WINDmeter for Precision Shooting
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The WeatherFlow WINDmeter integrates directly into the BallisticsARC mobile app to provide the shooter on-site wind speed and bearing data for advanced ballistic solutions. Simply connect the WINDmeter to your mobile devices headphone jack and improve your long distance shots.

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Compatible Devices

The WeatherFlow WINDmeter PRECISION SHOOTING plugs the standard 3.5mm audio jack on your iOS or Android device. It works with most devices that provide enough power via the audio jack for the WINDmeter to operate. Click here for a list of supported devices. WINDmeter works with iPhone 7 via the Apple Lightning to 3.5m headphone jack adapter.

additional specifications

Measurement Range Accuracy Notes
wind speed 2-125 mph ± 0.5% calibrated by University of Florida Aerospace Engineering
wind direction 0-360° depends on phone/device

Works with Apps

Strelok Pro

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