Know when/where it’s windy? We do! WeatherFlow operates the largest private marine weather network in North America and provides weather observations and forecasts to everyone from kitesurfers to the Department of Defense. We are in need of talented and innovative people to help serve our diverse clients. WeatherFlow supports a growing family of products and a set of applications for Android, iPhone and Web. We are a small dedicated team looking for motivated people whose work will produce immediate impact on our business.

Current job openings include Contract Marine Forecaster.

Contract Marine Forecaster

WeatherFlow is looking for a motivated individual who is able to work with limited supervision to join our team of contract marine forecast professionals.

The Position

  • You will be responsible for forecasting wind and weather conditions for maritime areas across North America.
  • Flexibility: You will join a small team of contract forecasters from around North America. Contract work may vary from week to week and is seasonal.
  • Caffeine and a good alarm clock: Forecast deadlines will often require early morning reports.


  • Reliability; deadlines must be met … folks need their forecasts!
  • Able to communicate clearly and concisely to others
  • Self-motivated, well-organized, and able to work well under minimal supervision
  • Understanding of meteorology, especially of surface winds
  • Four years of experience analyzing wind patterns -OR- a BS in meteorology

Useful skills

  • Love of wind sports like sailing, windsurfing, or kiteboarding
  • Experience with wind forecasting
  • Familiarity with WeatherFlow brands


Contractor compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications.


This is seasonal contractor work. As such, it is considered a work-at-home workplace. It does not require regular traveling. To apply, please email your information to: